THE Spring Wreath: A Ridiculously Easy DIY

Hello Friend!  Okay … you may be thinking, “Bridge, you mistakenly capitalized THE in the blog post title”, I’ll have to openly disappoint you.  I meant to do that!  Why?  Because now that I have made this wreath … on a whim I will add … it is my quintessential Spring wreath that will now be coming out every year as the flowers are showing signs of poppin’.

As much as I am loving the Spring flowers peeking through landscapes now in Houston (although in full disclosure, I’m about over all of the yellow pollen gracing my constantly, fresh clean car … not to mention the sneeze fits it is giving me every single day), I’ve been feeling that je ne sais quoi is missing to show my little white cottage (a.k.a. my house) is happy for Mother Spring.  There has been a small little nod in the back of mind for a few weeks now, especially every time I pull into my driveway, and I feel like something is missing but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Well, for whatever reason, something kicked me into “do something about it, Bridge” mode and I grabbed literally 4 things to get this wreath-making party started.  I promise there is no exaggeration here, but it literally took Amelie and I no more than 10 minutes to make our wreath and hang it on the house.  And … as you’ll see from the pictures, we opted for a little different take on where to hang the wreath – the address plaque!  Why not 🙂

So, given this wreath was so ridiculously easy to make, the supplies cost less than $10 (excluding the cost of any garland you need to buy … but, why not repurpose like we did!), and it is pretty versatile if you factor the embellishments you have around the house could easily be interchangeable to reflect the holiday you’re wanting to celebrate … I’d say this wreath DIY is a no-brainer!  Let’s get to wreath-making peeps 🙂


  • Garland from my winter holiday decorations
  • Wreath frame ($5 bucks at Joann’s)
  • Green gauge wire
  • A holiday embellishment (I used carrots for Easter)
  • Scissors



  1. Cut out 8 pieces of gauge wire, each piece measuring 2-3 inches in length.
  2. Take your garland and place it along the wreath frame as you envision it to stay.
  3. Take a pre-cut gauge wire piece and twist the center stem of your garland onto the center wire of the wreath frame with the gauge wire.  Repeat this step, trying to evenly distribute the placements of all of your pre-cut gauge wire pieces along the wreath.  Once you have finished placing all pre-cut gauge wire pieces onto the wreath, this should complete the making of your wreath!
  4. Last step – should you choose, is to find a holiday decorative or embellishment, and attach it to the wreath using another cut piece of gauge wire.

So … what do you think – easy-peasy?  Vote, where will you hang your wreath?


  1. Angela Yegyayan

    Reblogged this on the ANGELA edit and commented:
    Spring has definitely sprung and the Easter weekend is quickly approaching! Are you someone that likes to decorate your home for the various holidays and different seasons? Well then this super easy DIY spring wreath is for you!

    My good friend and fellow blogger Bridgette put together a simple, but gorgeous wreath that now adorns the front of her home AND it took less than 15 minutes!

    View her post here and get ready to get crafty this weekend!


  2. Bridgette Penel

    Reblogged this on To Be Simply Happy and commented:

    Spring isn’t the same without a fresh wreath adorning the front of the house! Check out this super easy DIY that will get your home sprung for Spring in 10 minutes! Also, while there, vote on where you will most like hang your wreath this Spring season!


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