Say How You Feel … With Your Hair?

Have you ever thought you could make a heart with your hair?  At first I thought it was a lofty … perhaps even outlandish … idea.  But, when connecting with my favorite hair braid guru, Krista, she reassured me I COULD in fact turn my hair into a silent gesture of my feelings!  Who would have ever thought you could create subliminal messages to your husband with your hair 🙂

Without further ado, you have to check out Krista’s tutorials below on how to make sweet heart braids.  What a great idea for Valentines … but, even more during the impromptu occasion when you wish to say I love you without words!

With the ultimate ‘day of love’ approaching, most of my news feed has been covered with sappy love quotes, pink-themed outfits, and romantic curls, and has been for quite a couple weeks. This year is the first year in a long time I’ll be on my own for this ‘day of love’, as my boyfriend is […]

via Two Valentine’s Themed Heart Braid Hairstyles – Anyone can do! — Beauty N the Braid

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