Color Me Flamingo: There Is A Flamingo Frenzy Out Of Control!

If I only I could change that line in Pretty Women, “Well color me happy, there’s a sofa bed here for two” [thank you Julia Roberts!] … to, “Well color me happy, there’s a pink flamingo wall – Say What?” – LOL!  I never will get tired of that movie 🙂

I couldn’t help but peruse Pinterest during a sleepless night … looking for none other than – Flamingos!  And, there were actually a few things I found on flamingo wear – flamingo indoor and outdoor decor – heck … even flamingo floaties!  So, incase you start to wonder what the “flock” is happening to you and the urge starts to emerge on getting something flamingo to get your summer imagination going, the below are good flamingo eye candy options for you!

Vitaminia new blog I am quickly falling head over heels for, offers a flamingo montage that I really like!  Not only does this blog share in my adoration for flamingos, as you’ll find below, but there are a lot of really cute DIY projects from the blog.  So, if you ever have a few minutes, check out Vitamini.  But, back to my flamingo craze, Vitamini shared this sweet compilation of flamingo finds that I thought I’d share 🙂

Photo compliments of Vitamini

Gotta have one of these items?  Here you go:  Pillow from Zazzle … Pool float (so cute!) from Sunnylife … Glass from Ikea (this item is only available in Europe, unfortunately … but, for my European fans, have at it!) … What the Flock? card by Vitamini … Must have 10 Piece set from Home Depot … Flamingo Print Vans (if your feet are feeling a need to pop!)

Simply-Girl is another flamingo-lovin’ blog, authored by Krystal … a gorgeous mom and blogger 🙂   She REALLY took her flamingo passion to a whole new level with her compilation of must haves.  I dont’ think I’m going to attempt to incorporate all of the links to each of these items here and instead will kindly direct you to Krystal’s awesome blog about where to find these items.  And, while you’re on her blog … peruse around – I know you’ll enjoy 🙂

Photo compliments of Simply Girly

Bridgette … you’re killing me here.  Where can I find these things?” – Is that what you’re internal monologue is saying to you right now?  Okay … here you go!  Click Here

As if that wasn’t enough to tease the heck out of you … check this out: There is flamingo fashion!  I’m utterly obsessed with this “Je Suis Flamingo” top, thanks to a find from Stephanie at Crafting In The Rain.

Photograph compliments of Crafting In The Rain

If you’re digging these cute, casual ensembles, then see what this girl pairs up with heels and flamingos!  Stephanie is a real trailblazer.  Click here to see more.

And … drumroll please … for the finale, should you JUST need more, more, more flamingo … from interior ideas, party favor concepts, fashion, and more, visit and follow my Flamingo Pinterest Board!  I know as I keep finding things all flamingo I’ll be updating the board 🙂

Had enough? What more is there to say?  Let’s get flocked up!


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