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A Sweet Favor: The Cacti Cone

Party favors have a history dating back to the Victorian age, whereby in England the wealthiest of brides offered small fabric bags that nestled sugar cubes and confections.  Funny, even then, speaking to a gal’s sweet tooth weakness became a friend’s way to express appreciation thru indulgence!  Nevertheless, the intention behind the gesture was founded on the way to show appreciation for guests joining in the fun factor of the celebration.

Fast forward and party favors are still one of the most fun aspects of planning a party … at least I personally feel that way.  I think I got this trait from my Aunt, a powerful influence in my life.  I always found her giving and the brightest smiles I always saw beam from her face was when she was giving to others.  I vividly remember the parties she planned for my cousin and I had the honor of ensuring each guest received their favor bag.  And, as I attended parties, myself, as a child I, too, remember the feeling of my mind running wild with wondering “What is in that bag?”!

Now, with kiddos of my own, my youngest, Amelie, is getting to an age (she’ll be ten years old this year) when candy and small toys in a favor bag are probably becoming irrelevant.  Offering something more meaningful is something she prefers.  That is why when I ran across Monsters Circus blog, a winner of the Best of Interior Blogs, on a Cacti Cone I immediately had to pin it!

The Cacti Cone is a favor that is personable and sweet, in the way a cactus is nestled into a cone … almost like the perfect pistachio ice cream scoop with sprinkled confections on it – a prickly yum 🙂  Each cone can be unique by choosing different cacti, and the cost isn’t exhaustive.  Therefore, I think I’ve got this on our top picks for not only Amelie’s birthday celebration this year, but even as possible favors for any get-together!  And, if cacti are just a little too prickly for you, try succulents … who doesn’t love those, too 🙂

Hello! I am a zestful and passionate tech-gal that is also doing my best to raise amazing children ... sips a Nespresso before tackling yoga ... enjoys more the sprint interval running kind of routine ... drools over travel ... is a new budding foodie and chef ... isn't afraid of a DIY, or getting hands dirty ... feels the thirst for learning should be a lifelong companion ... supports my hubby in his Ironman endeavors ... tries to spread as much happiness for others as possible ... OH, and never lets a day go by when I haven't smiled :)

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    This is too cute that it makes me want to run out now and make it 🙂


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