The Best Quinoa Breakfast The Kids Can’t Get Enough Of

A breakfast with hearty substance does something I cannot explain for me to get my day started right …

To Be Simply Happy

To Be Simply Happy: Qninoa Breakfast Meal

I can remember being a young girl at my grand-parents house on a lazy summer weekend and being offered oatmeal, but never really enjoyed it because it seemed so sloppy and gooey!  I think that stuck with me for some time because I never was receptive to an oat breakfast.  And then came along Quinoa, which I swear I have been mispronouncing for months (D’oh … in my Homer Simpson voice).  A few months ago I had a moment of open-mindedness while meeting a dear friend for breakfast at Tiny NO. 5; they had quinoa on the menu and I said, “Why Not!”

I walked away from that breakfast a changed woman – why have I been depriving myself of this awesome dish?  I am so ridiculous sometimes!  I came home boasting about this so much that I became inspired to make it for the kiddos the next day.  Begrudgingly…

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