Compliment Cards: Ten Compliment Cards To Share

Did you know there is such thing as National Compliment Day? … And, did you also know it is on January 24, 2017?  I love that we have this holiday AND I’m equally happy it falls at the beginning of the year, during a time people are paying most attention to their actions … their thoughts … and areas they want to adjust for a better self.

The science of happiness is starting to grow traction in the buzz because it seems to be an area less understood, and one I personally feel we should pay more attention to.  In fact, in a recent special edition of Time magazine, The Science of Happiness: New Discoveries For A More Joyful Life, there is a piece of advice offered that connects perfectly to National Compliment Day: Be Nicer!  Not that I’m suggesting you aren’t the kind kid on the block, but be honest with yourself for a minute and calculate the number of times throughout your day you habitually, but genuinely I might add, compliment someone … or go out of your way to do something nice for them.  Well, hopefully, you have some examples to share.  BUT, if you don’t, there is no judgment here.  However, you may find it interesting that researchers believe that although genetics has a role in a variation of 50% of your happiness levels, 40% of your happiness is 100% in your control, per Sonja Lyubokirsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, and the author of The How of Happiness.

And, one component that can increase your happiness is to be nicer.  “I’ve found that when people are told to try to do three to five acts of kindness a week, they get happier”, Lyubomirsky shares.  So, having said this, we should completely embrace National Compliment Day to its fullest!  I am going to spend my day sprinkling compliments to those dearest to me, and perhaps a stranger … or two!  One way I am going to do this is by sending compliment cards via Instagram and Facebook throughout the day, tagging the individual(s) that come to mind when I see the compliment.  Let’s all do this, in fact!

Get Complimenting.

  1. Save the images below onto your iPhone, iPad, or Smartphone.
  2. Get to Instagram and/or Facebook and upload the image(s) — tag your friends, family, or colleagues that you want to send a compliment to.  (You can send a card to more than one person, by the way!)
  3. When sending the compliment, don’t forget to tag – #nationalcomplimentday!

Let’s see if we can reach 1,000 compliments!!!











Want a printable version of these to cut-out and give personally? Here You Go!   compliment cards-printable!

Comment below if you have any other compliment phrases or ideas you’re using 🙂


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