Out and About: Tiny’s Milk & Cookies

There is something nostalgic … almost classic … in taking a glass of milk in one hand, and dipping a cookie into the glass with the other hand … closing the eyes and slowly savoring every grain of sweetness that gradually makes it way down to the stomach.  And, you can never take one bite – can you?  (That’s rhetorical, you don’t have to answer – I already know!)

Photography courtesy of Tiny Boxwoods
Photography courtesy of Tiny Boxwoods


Photography courtesy of Tiny Boxwoods
Photography courtesy of Tiny Boxwoods


Hello sweet-toothed friend, meet Tiny’s Milk & Cookies!  In the West University area of Houston, walking up to this place you wouldn’t immediately realize it is housing your next sugar pleasure.  In fact, it is the charm of the blue barn doors … along with the white plank walls … that will catch your initial attention.  And, as if that isn’t enough to draw you in, perhaps strategically … the perfectly nestled bikes with a pop of yellow scream “I am so fun to ride” … are parked right outside, giving the impression a neighborhood darling is near, enjoying a cookie … or two!

And, so it seems, here is a hidden gem that pays homage to the chocolate chip cookie.  Freshly baked every day from the perfectly kept warm ovens, Tiny’s Milk & Cookies bake 20 cookies every 20 minutes, As they say, they are committed to a constant rotation of warm cookies from 7:00 A.M. thru 9:00 P.M., Mondays thru Sundays.

Tiny Milk and Cookies


You may be wondering if cookies are all this adorable Delicatessen is offering.  I wondered the same at first, but found they do have variety in the menu: pastries and artisan bread(s), breakfast taco Fridays (now there is something unique!), ice cream offered from a number of flavors (milk & cookies … honey lavender … salted caramel … mom’s vanilla … orange sherbert … holiday cheer, etc.).

On that perfect day when grabbing a cookie brings that finale to a meal … or, perhaps a snack with a memorable experience is in order … Tiny’s Milk & Cookies is a charm where you can grab a cookie and nibble on it over a stroll in the shopping strip.  If enjoying the fresh air is something you’d prefer while munching on your cookie(s), you should just go a few hops and steps down to find a small urban garden, enclaved to sit around 6 … perfect for a group of friends to sit together, a family or moms and kiddos to come together.

Either choice, either flavor – you’ll finish that cookie with no regrets!

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