A Meditation Space: My Meditation Space Reveal

It’s Day 1 of my 40 Day Challenge, and one of the requirements for participation is to adopt a meditation practice, twice a day: one in the morning and one in the evening.  In theory, it sounds pretty easy.  But, this past weekend I started to put “mindfulness” to where I would have a meditation space in my house … what does a meditation space need … where would I find a secluded, non-interrupted space (yeah, this was the most challenging part of them all because although my kiddos are relatively older – 12 and 9 – they still don’t get the concept of knocking … good times here!) … and the list goes on!

I took to Pinterest and started researching other’s home meditation spaces, and it offered a lot of visual reference to patterns of things many home meditation spaces had, which are:

  1. Pillow(s)
  2. Candle(s)

I thought I’d share my Home Meditation Space Pinterest Board with you to see what cool inspirations I pulled from:

Okay, you’re probably thinking: that’s pretty basic and simple.  And, I would have to agree with you.  But, the more I looked at other’s meditation spaces, the more I got the impression there is something faintly personable and distinct about each one; almost as to suggest each space is meant to be personalized.  Some things I saw in other meditation spaces that perhaps weren’t in all spaces, but that lend some inspiration for things you may also want to consider:

  1. Yoga block
  2. Insense
  3. Mirror(s)
  4. Blanket(s)
  5. Flowers, plants, or succulents
  6. Tents / Canopies
  7. Inspirational Quote(s)

So … in preparing my own meditation space, this is what I decided is my starting space … a place where I have items that will support my meditation practice, but also a place where I will be less interrupted and can hear the faint sounds of the water feature from our pool outside!

I have a few pieces in my meditation space that I thought would support a good practice: my copper ladder with a white and green striped blanket (I tend to get cold easily … so I wanted to have close by the option to grab something that will warm me) … a lantern with yellow dimmed lights … a mirror (I haven’t figured out yet if starring at myself is actually going to distract me more, or not – I’ll see … a few corral from Maui to remind me to the ocean’s waves, which act much like breathing … a favorite India Hicks candle that has a calming scent … my matches for my candles (I love the phrase on this box!) … and last, but not least, my big ‘ole pillow!


I like this pillow particularly because it is large, pretty firm, and is vibrant … I’m into things that brighten me up 🙂


I did forget to mention I have another pillow next to me: Rest. I put it here to remind me this is a time to let my mind rest and try to declutter from the competing thoughts.


I just love this box of matches 🙂


As I embark on my meditation journey, I also wanted to remind myself the goodness that is happening when practicing mindfulness meditation.  I thought I’d share the inspirational illustration I am using every day to keep me attuned to the transformation and health that is occurring as I’m practicing meditation:

mindfulness-meditation mindfulness-meditation-1

Is anyone else out in cyber-blog space also doing mindfulness meditation?  If so, what did you put in your space that you think I may like?  And, any tips for meditation you think I could use?


  1. The Beauty Guy

    I’m running a meditation challenge too, and I chose not to design a meditation space to help me remember that every act can be a mindful act.

    Your space is magazine spread worthy though! I love it!


    1. Bridgette Penel

      Thanks! I was happy that I was able to put together a little space without having to run out and buy anything; it felt more meaningful. I have to say starting with a space helped me form the habit for meditation and now I feel I have adopted the habit well enough to not rely solely on my space to practice. So, I understand your perspective and appreciate you’re already mindful to your approach 🙂


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