Color Palette Personality: What Does Your Color Say About You?

I adore … even borderline obsess over Papersource!  I was at this store recently, and when perusing their envelopes and stationary isle came across their colorscope.  It is no wonder this attracted my attention – I am a sucker for simple pops of color!

So, I did what any adoring fan would do, I took the colorscope home and pinned it in my home office as inspiration for the colors around me.  But, not only does this colorscope offer visual reference to various shades of hues, it also gives a little snippet to your personality based on the palette you favor most.

If you’re looking for a little simple fun in the day, take a look at the colorscope below and choose your favorite color!  Once you’ve done that, see what that hue says about you.  And, you know it just isn’t right for you to keep this to yourself, either, so send this post to a friend and see what her color says about her!

Papersource Colorscope
Illustration courtesy of Papersource. Click on image for larger view.

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