Which Would You Wear In Spring 1936?

The 1930’s … have you ever tried imagining yourself during that time?  For the ladies, fashion seemed so regal … so glamorous.  I mean, let’s not forget this was the time when King Edward VIII relinquished his reign over the United Kingdom to be privileged in his love with Wallis Simpson, a fashion icon in her own right at the time.  And, let us also not forget The Great Gatsby, written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, that was a novel read at the time (pun intended), but also played a role in propelling sophisticated, vivacious, and sometimes subtle flirtatious couture that embodied the 1930’s.

Here is King Edward VIII with his forever beloved, Wallis Simpson!
Here is King Edward VIII with his forever beloved, Wallis Simpson!


This may give imagination to fashion and life of a lady in society.  But, what about a teenager starting towards a journey of self-identity?  If you haven’t already, you should follow this blog, Transcribing Memory, and peek at it every once in a while.  It will take you back to a place called 1936 … when a young, teenage girl was doing what all teenage girls did back then.  Curious, yet?  I hope so because you won’t be disappointed with the sweetest excerpts this blog sprinkles around … sharing a time already gone, and for most forgotten altogether.  I know for myself, I enjoy the pocket of time in my day where I can just imagine myself in her world 🙂

This excerpt is a compilation of a few from the Spring of 1936.  The fashion was delicate … practical … and formidable.  Imagining yourself as a budding teenager at that time, which would you choose to wear (1, 2, or 3)?

I haven’t posted excerpts in a while. These are merely the best of the best! Wednesday, April 1st, 1936 We rode to the fare limit and state limit this afternoon. Mr. Mitelski (he’s in my Economics class) obliged. It was a smooth number, + equipped with a radio. He seemed to be a careless driver, […]

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