Here’s How (and Why) to Stay Hydrated — Once and For All — Among Other Things

When you read, and are inspired, by a fellow blogger … what do you do?  You SHARE!  I am on a mindful journey to drinking water every day.  I sometimes look in gawk … even creepy awe I’m sure … at my husband when I watch him pound down a gallon of water at once.  Who does that?

Me?  I was the kid that grew up not even needing a drink with a meal.  In fact, my dad used to threaten me with groundings if I didn’t at least take three sips of my milk at the dinner table!  So, all of this to say, drinking water is like my nemesis.  But, I can fight the good fight – I can!  And, I will win … oh, yes … I will conquer this water guzzling challenge.  That is why when I read Hallie’s blog post on tips-and-tricks she uses to keep herself on the hydration wagon, I actually thought she brings some good advice and perspective to the table.

Take a peek – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 🙂  Heck, drink a glass of water while you read!

Hydration is important, duh… But let’s talk about it: Do you actually know why? Every time I go home for the holidays, I do this weird thing where I subconsciously analyze my parents’ health habits. Are you the same way? It’s kinda like college, but now it’s reversed — ha! One thing I’ve noticed about my…

via Here’s How (and Why) to Stay Hydrated — Once and For All — Among Other Things

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