Flair It Like You Own It: Happy National Flair Day!

Happy National Flair Day everyone!  And … thank you, Wikipedia, for all of the options of “Flair” on this special day:

Flair can refer to:

I had to share some of the comic relief from the list above … because what is even funnier is when Googling “flair” and freakin’ Rick Flair pops up everywhere!  Since when did he become more popular than the infamous scene in Office Space where Jennifer Aniston is being ridiculed for her non-loving flair problems?

And, just for a second … stay with me here … if you used all of the Flair renditions above you could concoct this story:

Once there lived Ric Flair, a famous wrestler who escaped the perils of American fame to live his forever life in Flair miniseries, located in Australia … where he oddly found love and became the father to David Flair, Charlotte Flair, and then Reid Flair (youngest of the bunch) … to help make ends meet in Australia, he initially did odd jobs as a Flair Bartender … but soon realized fans could not help but recognize him, even from afar … the Flair Records label signed him (… using a Flair pen I may add), instead, to make a rap fusion with Snoop Dog, bringing him fortunes beyond before … he opened Flair Hotels, Flair Software, and even built his own toy manufacturing company, Flair Leisure Products, to make figurines of himself based on his old wrestling days … but, health issues would strike and he spent almost a year undergoing F.L.A.I.R. … and, to help with the healing process the band, The Flairs, were flown to perform doo-wops to improve his mood toward recovery … years later, his final mark in fame was with an infamous article published in Flair magazine where he confides to the world he … [you finished the ending!]

Are you still with me?  If so – Happy National Flair Day everyone!  But, the day is actually meant to honor the famous flair button that made its debut in Office Space, a 1999 film I have marked as a classic.  Flairs were all the rage at some point … then they fizzled … and I swear they (along with pins) are making a comeback!

So … celebrate this day flair-ing it up – be creative – stand tall and proud with your flair – and to help get the creative juices flowing, I thought I’d share my Pinterest board where I pinned the funniest, most inspirational, and out-right awesome flair and pins.

Which one is your favorite?  Comment below!

Happy Flair-ing!


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