The Hostess With The Mostess: Don’t Go Empty Handed Anymore With This Gift Box Service

I used to remember a day when an invitation to a friend’s house didn’t come with guilt for knocking on the door without a token of appreciation in hand.  You remember … when paychecks were slim and meals were more like a pizza hut and soda night.  And then we all cheered to a few more birthdays throughout the years and now dinners have become more far and few in between.  But, they have become more special and meaningful.  For one, for me and my friends, most dinners include more than just our own mouths to feed.  You have kids and husbands in tote … so what used to be a solo drive to my girls apartment is now an orchestrated affair with making sure social calendars are available -people are dressed – bums are seated in the car – etc.

In route to dinner, I ponder the minutes … hours that my friend(s) have already put into planning and preparing dinner.  The countless hours researching recipes … doing the place settings … roaming the isles of the store for every ingredient … cleaning up around the house … preping the food … uncorking the wine to let it breath … etc.  And, I know she did this all while managing her own chaos and family.  So, just walking up to the door without some gesture in showing her, “I understand everything you have been doing to try to deliver a great experience for me and my family” just feels wrong … unappreciative … and that is the last feeling I would want her to feel.

When having dinner tonight with my boys (hubby and son), I picked up our local magazine.  This is sometimes my time to look at what new stuff is going on while they chit-chat on sports stats :). Thumbing thru I came across a piece written on a Houston-based business named Mostess, which specializes in curating themed boxes of luxury entertainment items.  Heck … where have they been the past few dinner parties when I needed them ?!?!  You HAVE to check out some of the items these precious boxes can include: linen, stationary, recipes, winestopper, bar cart items, snacks, etc.

Well, I am definitely adding them to my bag of tricks because I don’t always have opportunity to get a hostess gift that is packaged and ready to dazzle.  And, let’s face it – time is not in plenty these days.  Let us put our hands together for Mostess – YAY!  Clap, clap, clap 🙂

Do you know of any other gift box companies that are great for hostess gifts?  Please share below in the comments!  Or, if you’ve used Mostess, is there a favorite box or item you liked?

Tootles and keep living life in color!

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