So THIS Is What Happens When France and Maui Come Together: Cafe Anyone?

I like to believe I count my lucky stars every once in a while.  I know I have lately when having the opportunity to jet off to Maui with my hubby for a couple’s get-away.  Maui is one of those places I have always heard people say, “OMG … you HAVE to go” … and then it is followed by a glazed look going over their eyes and you can tell their mind has escaped so far back into a distance that it will take at least five minutes to get them back to the conversation!  But, I guess I’m now part of THAT club who can carry those fondest of images in my mind and escape at a moment’s preference … thanks, Maui 🙂

A double treat for us in going to Maui is being able to catch up with dear friends, Marion and Damien, and our god-daughter.  They weren’t always Maui residents.  In fact, they moved from their native France to follow Damien’s surf ambitions and career.  Nothing, I guess, that surprising for those who know him most, like my husband, because surfing has been deep in his veins at a young age.

So, as any set of good friends do, we spent time catching up over dinner … wine … playing with the kids … laughing about old memories.  It was one of my best moments on the island.  In one pocket of conversation, Marion shared news that she has been embarking on a new project … or venture, if you will.  She wanted something to call her own … a business that gives her connection with people … a haven that reflects her style, her palette if you will … a spot locals could be at ease, enjoy the three things French herald most: food, coffee, and conversation.  Hello world, meet Belle Surf Cafe!

I remember when visiting her house once she had this book at her entry way that was full of beautiful bohemian styles from various perspectives: home decor, clothes, etc.  The colors were so vibrant … and the mix-match of it all had some transcendent way of making me want to burn all of my formal wear and just slap on anything with color – texture.  Well, that would have been fun, but irresponsible … nevertheless, what a fun thought :). Irrespective, when visiting Belle Surf Cafe for the first time the first thing that entered my mind was that book.  Luckily I didn’t strip nake, burn my clothes, and grab the nearest clumps of non-matching material … LOL!  But, I did, however, fall in love with its quaintness … warm charm … unspoken hospitality.  You won’t find a Starbucks vibe, with dark woods and tile floors.  You will find a chair to match every personality that enters, small tables to give you that Paris cafe closeness, board games to compliment your crepe … or coffee, eclectic pictures and clippings hung along the wall, and conversation to melt away any urge to pay attention to the time.  It was a gift to have hold hands with my husband again across the table and laugh …

So, if you are ever on the Maui island and you want a sure place for something nostalgic, yet practical … Belle Surf Cafe is your place.  Go say hello to Marion – she is the blonde version of Audrey Hepburn always with a smile 🙂 … and if you can’t make it there in the nearest future, you can still feel their vibe and follow them on Instagram @ bellesurfcafe !


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