January 1, 1936: Take a Moment and Escape With This Diary Entry From A Distant Time

Alright, ladies … I know I’m not the only one that has watched The Notebook countless times … nor am I the only one that romanced over the notion of having hand-written letters sent to me from the man destined for my heart until I came running back to him in my best blue dress and heels.  There is something so nostalgic and meaningful about the endeavors associated with a hand-written letter … or, moreover, a time in our human existence when writing was our form of self-expression, whether it be just to ourselves, or for another.

Have you ever come across a journal written by someone else?  I have.  When at my in-laws once upon a time my husband showed me a journal his grandfather wrote when being captured by Germans in WWII.  A young, budding physician who longed for escape … filling his time writing to keep his spirit and humor intact, it was like finding a treasure of the past … a connection with resiliency … a glimpse into another world.

For me, I find just written expression more of a rarity these days.  The habit of putting pencil to paper has been replaced by fingerprints to smart technology.  Long, deeper reflection has been condensed to digital character bits.  Expending time in the mind has become luxury versus norm.

I found what feels like a treasure in this digital paradigm in another blog named: transcribe memory.  It’s a WordPress blog where a family member is transcribing her grandmother’s diary from the 1930’s era.  I couldn’t keep this secret to myself because these small snippets of transcription give me pockets of opportunity to carry my mind back to a time I didn’t exist, but a time I enjoy imagining.  So, even if for a few minutes … let the urgent text message pass for another few minutes and indulge yourself in some sweet, endearing transcription:

I showed Babu her entries from three years of New Year’s Eves and Days and there were no revelations, only sweetness.  She remembered Harlan’s name but not him, and had no big reaction …

Source: | transcribingmemory on WordPress.com


    1. Bridgette Penel

      It was pretty awesome … just touching the journal … I know this sounds odd, but even smelling it … it’s almost like you could close your eyes and be transported into a time you’ve only heard of.

      I love what you’ve done as a blog. Thank you for sharing with the world 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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