Get Ready For The Bubbly: The Top 5 Champagnes My Connoisseur Friend Recommends This Year

Want to hear something cool?  What’s cool is when you go to a Get Together to catch up with girlfriends you haven’t seen in like 5 years and find out one of them turned into a ninja wine connoisseur.  At first, you want to pull in the dramatics and throw wine in her face as punishment for her hiding this amazing truth from you … but as you reach for your glass your bewilderment takes over any lack of judgment that crossed your mind and you sit … in the racing thoughts of what this means … in simple awe 🙂

So, yep … I cannot tell a lie … that scenario above was all me not too long ago when my friend, Shae, shared her news.  I think I’m still in a splendor of awe.  It is without surprise, then, when I need some advice on the top 5 sparkling wines (a.k.a. champagne) we should all consider to sip into the new year.  Without further adieu … in no particular order … and, of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one (!):

  1. Champagne Lanson.  And, I quote from the Lanson website, “The House of Lanson has always blended its champagnes using a majority of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in order to achieve the perfect balance of power and finesse.”  You have a range of white, black, and rose labels for this beautiful champagne … which also comes with its own range of prices.  Spec’s Liquor doesn’t seem to carry this (bummer), but the International Wine Shop and CPD Wine and Liquor show they have it in stock.  Price Point: $24/per bottle to $120/per bottle.
  2. Naveran Dama Cava. A Spanish sparkling wine with an unusual blend of 85% chardonnay / 15% parellada cava, you will be sure to find hints of apple fruit and lemon.  Want this one to cheer the new year?  Spec’s Liquor is showing they have this one in stock!  Price Point: $20/per bottle.
  3. Francois Montan Brut.  If you’re going to be stocking up to pour bubbly for a large gathering, but still want a good, quality taste, the Francois Montan Brut seems to hit the mark.  A complex blend of various white grapes mainly colombard ugny blanc and chardonnay.  Yay!  It shows you can find this one at Spec’s Liquor.  Price Point: $12.00/per bottle.
  4. Veuve Clicquot.  Okay, I’d love to hear you say this five times fast 🙂  LOL!  One of the most fascinating and complex roses in the marketplace, the superb Veuve Clicquot offers mature fruits and is known to be superb with lightly smoked salmon.  Add this one to the list of those you’ll find at Spec’s Liquor.  Price Point: $60/per bottle.
  5. Cristal.  For the creme de la creme Cristal is for you.  This champagne has quite the past, dating back from the 1870’s and specifically made to embody prestige for the emperors of Russia while also being presented in a clear bottle (unorthodox at this time) so the bubbles could be seen while pouring.  Apparently, there is another reason the bottle was made to be clear, or “cristal” – it also prevented the hiding of bombs beneath bottles, which apparently was a problem back in the day.  Want to drink the finest this season?  Spec’s Liquor has you covered.  Price Point: $215+ /per bottle.

So … this is the part where you write this stuff down and run like the wind to your nearest Spec’s Wine and Liquor store, or perhaps take to online to see if there is a way you can get your favorite champagne … because time is ticking and you deserve to clink those glasses at the stroke of midnight without being empty-handed!

Before I sign off … Happy New Year to you and may it be the best one yet 🙂 — XOXO, Bridge

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