And The Best Updo Goes To …?

My hair is finally getting to a length I have options … wear it down with a slight wave for a controlled messy style … or, perhaps throw it up in a bun because let’s face it – a 2-minute hair do is my cup of tea most days!  But … there are those occasions when putting more considering into my hair is needed, and I have a feeling there are many lovely ladies thinking that right about now because of New Years in the next few days.

So, I hope I’m not going to be banned from the blog world for this because I fell in love with this blogger’s post SO much … but, my technical savvy-ness failed me in trying to repost their post … but, garsh darnit their post on updos was WAY too awesome to pass up and not share.  So, Camille Styles – if you’re sleepless in Seattle (LOL!  I couldn’t pass up that opportunity to say that) – no, seriously, if you stumble upon this post I hope you know how much your post has inspired and what sweet, beautiful updos you may have amassed for New Years 2017 🙂

For my Color Pop friends, you have to check out these updos by Camille Styles:

AND … of course, comment below with your fav!


    1. Bridgette Penel

      If I could pull off that faux hawk I’d be wearing it right now for sure!!! I think for me, this 2017 will ring in one of two updos: The Perfectly Messy Top Knot should we opt for a disco-tech bowling thing – the girl in this photo reminds me of Madonna and I swear if they painted the top of this bun white it would look like a yogurt ice cream – yummy! … and, the Textured French Twist would be a second choice if we opt for a little fancy get together. Oh … the choices we girls have to make!!!

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